Standards for online guitar instruction - Updated 3/13/2018


Seeing a need for quality standards, the Guitar Mastery Online project endeavours to set standards in three categories: Instructor prerequisites, Audio setup and IC quality. Only Berklee alumni are eligible at this time, although it is proposed that other schools such as Oberlin be included as new members from those schools are incorporated in the future.

The committee will hold office on an agreed upon date every three months with proposed changes ratified by the end of the following month.

Standards (ratified 3/13/2018)

Instructor prerequisites:

1.) All instructors will hold an degree or diploma from Berklee with four or more years of attendance at Berklee College of Music as a full time student at the Boston campus or hold a Master's degree or other advanced studies from Berklee Valencia, Spain campus. Acceptance does not include online degrees, certificate or any other part time programs.

2. ) Instructors must have been a guitar principal while in attendance at Berklee, passing all four proficiencies on guitar while in attendance at Berklee.

2a.) Instructors will be currently fluent and comfortable teaching sight-reading, song transcription, notation and ear well all chord structures in 7th chords in all inversions with tensions.

3.) Instructors will be fully versed in both jazz(popular), and traditional(classical) music theory and composition as well as comfortable improvising in all common musical setting

4.) Instructors will have at least one recommendation from a former or current Berklee faculty member of the Guitar Department.

5.) Instructors will be current and fluent in teaching all major genres of music including, but not limited to; rock, jazz, reggae, popular, latin, and folk.

IC software:

1.) WebRTC is currently the standard and the only approved communication program. Other programs such as Skype and ZOOM can only be used upon request of the client and for special projects.

2. ) Only hard wired Internet router or modem connections are approved. Wi-FI connections are not approved.

3.) Connections need approval by an officer of the committee.


1.) A mixing board with at least 2 mono channels is mandatory.

2.) One area condenser and one cardioid microphone will be mixed and sent to line input of computer.

3. ) VB-Audio low-latency high-quality line software will be incorporated. Currently Voicemeeter is the standard for this. (Other software such as JACK audio connection software is currently being tested for our needs and may be incorporated in the future.)

4.) Although optional at this time, an amp line out connection for electric guitar is suggested to be patched to the mixing console.

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